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1222 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC, 28204
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What We Offer

Wardrobe Capsule PDF


Wardrobe Capsule PDF


Best used if you don't know where to start shopping or changing up your style. A capsule is made to offer the guidance you need to start shopping correctly for yourself.

This service includes a comprehensive guide to 

  1. pieces you should have in your closet based on your style and the season. Styles will be chosen based on the ability to properly mix and match. 
  2. Stores and websites we suggest to go shopping with guidelines for all options including shipping and return information, tips and tricks, and what each store is best known for. 
  3. A suggested budget based on what you're looking to shop for. 
  4. A Pinterest board of inspiration for your shopping trip.

After purchasing this package, you'll receive an email to fill out a short survey, and to book a short consultation.

This package is best used with a closet consultation. 

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